Wearable Technology for Quarterback Throwing Analysis

G2 Wins utilizes the latest technology to analyze and improve your game.

Monitor Throwing Arm Stress

Keep close tabs on total and high effort throws and compare your 7-day to 28-day workload averages

Personalized Training

Powerful machine learning personalizes your training towards safely sustaining higher workloads

Readiness Is Key

Ramp up your arm to get ready for kickoff and keep it in the safe zone all season long for maximum effectiveness

motusDASH Ready

Take a deeper dive into player data with motusDASH, our online analytics dashboard – monitor a player, team, or an entire organization.

motusQB mobile app

The motus sensor is worn in the motus compression sleeve or wristband during activity. Raw 3D movement data of the throwing arm is recorded and transmitted to a mobile app via Bluetooth, after or during a training session. The motusQB mobile app computes and displays biomechanics metrics of the throw and makes information available to teams and coaches for deeper analysis via motus’ online analytics dashboard, motusDASH. Motus is performance enhancing data for performance optimization and reduction of injury risk.