Group on field training

Group Training Slots:
Sunday 8am-10am
Mon/Tue 7pm-9pm

Elementary/MS Semi Group Training:
Sun 10am-11am

Coach Casey Gillin
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If a set time does not work for you or your player, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

Much like the one on one training, these groups are high energy. The difference between the one on one and the group training is the group setting: your athlete and three other trainees in the semi group, or five + trainees in the full group setting will work together. Time is maximized; each athlete will work hard and efficiently based on a plan that is formulated prior to the start of each group. These groups are available to athletes eight years and older. A group may have different ages and talent levels.

Training Time: 1 hour
Semi Group (2-4 kids): $70 each
Full Group (5+ kids): $50 each

*Group Training open to all ages

10 semi group Training = $630
10 Group training = $450
5 1v1 and 5 semi group = $750
5 1v1 and 5 Group = $650

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Meet Us

All trainings take place at Mooresville school’s facilities.

11 W Carlisle St. Moorseville, IN 46158

(317) 437-4018