QB Training

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Training Time: weekly session  |  Price: $550/mo

This is high energy, on the field training that helps you become the best quarterback that you can be. In your session we will cover: drills, throwing technique and mechanics, footwork, accuracy, touch, and

Training Time: weekly session  |  Price: $230mo

Much like the one on one training, group trainings are high energy. The difference between the one on one and the group training is the group setting: your athlete will be working with other QB’s
(5 or less per group)

When you register with G2Wins every month, you are reserving that time slot for 1 on 1 and Semi-Private training.  This slot is reserved for you and I will expect you at that time each week unless notified otherwise.  Regular attendance is necessary if you wish to retain your reserved time.  Two consecutive late cancellations or no-shows will result in your time-slot being revoked, at which time we will find a new time slot that works for us both. Non-emergency cancellations must be received at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment time. 

Please be aware that the cancellation policy is not meant as a reprimand, but is organized to allow all clients availability for training.  Clients on the waiting list receive the cancelled slot when there is enough time to work out scheduling, which allows all who need training the ability to receive it.  Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

Seminar Time: 2 hours Price: $250 per person | $350 per family The recruiting seminars are everything that you need to maximize the recruiting process for you, the parents, and your athlete. Truth be told, the process can be a long and draining one; it takes time, information, and efficiency during a time when a big decision is made for your athlete: “which school will I choose?” What I do for you in the seminar is

Training Time: 30/60 Minute
30 Minute Session: $30
60 Minute Session: $50 each
10 – 1 hour session: $400

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All trainings take place at Mooresville school’s facilities.

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