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Training Time: 1 hour  |  Price: $100

This is high energy, on the field training that helps you become the best quarterback that you can be. In your session we will cover: drills, throwing technique and mechanics, footwork, accuracy, touch, and

Training Time: 1 hour  |  Price: $100

In each off field training session your athlete and I will learn how to read defenses, including the Defensive Line, LB, and DB alignment and what information each alignment gives you as the QB. You 

Training Time: 1 hour
Semi Group (2-4 kids): $70 each
Full Group (5+ kids): $50 each

Much like the one on one training, these groups are high energy. The difference between the one on one and the group training is the group setting: your athlete and three other trainees in the semi group, or five + trainees in the full group setting will work

Seminar Time: 2 hours | Price: $125 per person

The recruiting seminars are everything that you need to maximize the recruiting process for you, the parents, and your athlete. Truth be told, the process can be a long and draining one; it takes time, information, and efficiency during a time when a big decision is made for your athlete: “which school will I choose?” What I do for you in the seminar is

Training Time: 30/60 Minute
30 Minute Session: $30
60 Minute Session: $50 each
10 – 1 hour session: $400

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All trainings take place at Mooresville school’s facilities.

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