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Coach Casey Gillin
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If it isn’t already clear, Casey loves football, but the game is not the only thing that he cares about: “As a coach I get to guide athletes. From the time that a player begins their youth league to their last senior game, my job is not just to teach the game of football, but to show these athletes how to become successful in life. I genuinely want each player to get every opportunity that they can to become a better person. Recruitment is a part of that, because a college football career changes you by pushing you to grow, teaching you how to be disciplined in academics and athletics, and showing you that if you put your heart into your work, you will be successful”.  

Casey was a Division II college football coach for ten years, recruiting for all ten of them and acting as the Recruiting Coordinator during that tenure. Almost every time that he walked into an athletes house he realized that parents lacked the education of what the recruiting process was; this not only diminished opportunities for their athlete, but it made the entire process much more daunting than it needed to be. As a high school coach for the last four years he has seen more of the same, this time through the eyes of his own players and their parents. He wants to take his experience and turn it into your success.

The recruiting workshop will give you the tools you need to elevate your athletes chances of being recruited and maximize their opportunity to earn a scholarship. The process can be a long and draining one; it takes time, information, and efficiency during a time when big decisions are being made. What Casey does in the workshop is streamline the entire process, giving you the information that you need to understand what is happening and sharing what most parents wished they had known from the beginning.

Casey explains the recruiting process from start to finish, giving a detailed timeline of what to do and what to expect from freshman year to signing day. He will explain how to handle interactions been you and college coaches, what college coaches are discussing and what they are looking for, the details of recruiting per college division, eligibility, what types of camps to attend, and most importantly, the information you need to choose the school that is right for your athlete. 

The end of the seminar will be open for Q&A.

$250 / Individual  |  $350 / Family

Saturday, August 12th at 6pm
Mooresville High School

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We advise recruits and parents on the process of using information and experience to make the best possible choice.

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