Recruiting Seminars for Parents and their Recruits

Coach Casey Gillin
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If a set time does not work for you or your player, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

The recruiting seminars are everything that you need to maximize the recruiting process for you, the parents, and your athlete. Truth be told, the process can be a long and draining one; it takes time, information, and efficiency during a time when a big decision is made for your athlete: “which school will I choose?” What I do for you in the seminar is streamline the process, giving you the information that you need to understand what is happening, and sharing what most parents wished they had known from the beginning.
In addition to my experience as a recruiter at a premier Division II school for ten years, I was also recruited myself as a QB. I have experience on both ends of this process, and know what you need to know from every angle. I will explain the recruiting process from start to finish, as well as share information that your athlete will need as they enter the college level, including but not limited to: where to start, eligibility, what college coaches are discussing, what are the college coaches looking for, what types of camps to attend, and the information you need to choose the school that is right for you. After you and your athlete makes that choice they will also need to know: the meaning of red shirt, grey shirt, etc. The end of the seminar will be open for Q&A.

Seminar Time: 2 hours
Price: $125 per person

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We advise recruits and parents on the process of using information and experience to make the best possible choice.

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All trainings take place at Mooresville school’s facilities.

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