1 on 1 Off Field Training

1on1 Training Slots: Sunday
6am-8am, 3pm-7pm & 9pm-10pm

Coach Casey Gillin
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If a set time does not work for you or your player, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

In each off field training session your athlete and I will learn how to read defenses, including the Defensive Line, LB, and DB alignment and what information each alignment gives you as the QB. You will also learn about the different types of fronts, blitzes and coverages. These sessions will help you understand why defenses do what they do, when they do it, and why they do it. You will also learn what to do when a game throws you different situations, for example at the end of the half, down and distance, or special situations. I will also provide assistance on how to watch your opponent and breakdown their defense.

This is a great tool to extend your knowledge and give you an advantage before you reach your next football season. This is available to athletes 14 years and older.

Training Time: 1 hour
Price: $100

10 semi group Training = $630
10 Group training = $450
5 1v1 and 5 semi group = $750
5 1v1 and 5 Group = $650

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All trainings take place at Mooresville school’s facilities.

11 W Carlisle St. Moorseville, IN 46158

(317) 437-4018